Olive Howard, Harriet Knapp, Eva Merwin, Frank Merwin and Bertha Martin organized on May 30, 1885 and held the first meeting on June 3, 1885 at the home of Eva Merwin, 419 First Street, SE Massillon, Ohio.

Incorporated as "The National Alliance of the Daughters of Veterans of the United States of America" on December 12, 1885, in Massillon, Ohio. Signers of the Original Articles of Incorporation: Minnie F. King, Bertha M. Martin, Olive F. Howald, Eva Merwin, and Amy Merrill.

They were endorsed by The Grand Army of the Republic at the 34th Annual Encampment held in Chicago, Illinois, 1900.

Name changed to Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War at the 35th National Convention held in Grand Rapids, Michigan, 1925.

Name changed to Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War, 1861 - 1865 at the 54th National Convention held in Des Moines, Iowa 1944.

Federal Charter granted by Public Law 99-172 on December 9, 1985.

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