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Meet Some Tent Namesakes

Sojourner Truth
Sallie Peacheater
Mary Todd Lincoln
Aunt Becky Young
Salome M Stewart
General Grant
Cornelia Hancock
Cordelia Harvey
Julia Dent Grant
Catherine Merrill
Dorothea Dix
Emma Stephenson
Mary Chesebro Lee
Amanda Stokes
Mary Morris Husband
Mrs. John Logan
Anna Ella Carroll
Mary Whitney Phelps
Ellen Spencer Mussey
Jessie Ann Benton Fremont
Sarah Emma Edmonds
Nancy Hanks Lincoln
Margaret Rhodes Crocker
Dr. Mary Edwards Walker
Mary Ann Bickerdyke
Dolly Madison
Julia Ward Howe
Helen Gilson
Kate Brownlee Sherwood
Clara Barton
Hannah Moore
Margaret Warner Wood
Katherine Wilson Curtin
Dr. Mary Jane Safford
Laura Belle Stoddard
Sarah Low
Marie Tepe
Harriet Beecher Stowe
Lousia Volker Macklind
Lodema Strickland
Mary Livermore
Alice Cary Risley
Louisa May Alcott
Ida Saxton McKinley
Mary Ann Starkweather
Mrs. Benjamin Harrison
Eva A Gray
Elizabeth Van Lew
Annie Etheridge
Ann Hawkins Gentry
Susie Baker King Taylor
Kady Brownell
Emily Elizabeth Parsons

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